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Jamie Unicomb, Proprietor

Born in Tasmania, I grew up in a family of cooks (with the exception of my grandmother who could turn 2kg of flour into a house brick). Dad would often go on interstate business trips to “The Mainland” and bring some interesting food thing back to our culturally impoverished state.  The bounty of Dad’s suitcase was a constant inspiration in the kitchen, and it from this I learnt all about basmati rice, chilies, prawns and spices.  These were not things that you found in Hobart in the late 70’s and early 80’s and likewise, our family did not eat like the regular Hobartians who thought spag bol was pretty exotic.


From here I began to experiment and learn.  I had my first cooking job at 16 in a gourmet fast food van built out of a double decker bus.  I believe you can still see it down Salamanca Place every Saturday.  Here I learnt many useful things…  to use a knife correctly and fast, to sprinkle salt on a greasy floor and how to shove a stick up a dagwood dog.  The last one's relevance passed with the job.


I spent quite a long time at University and then as an actor and artist.  During this time I never had much money to go out for fancy dinners, yet food and cooking had always been an integral part of my life.  So, partly out of necessity, partly out of interest and partly out of hereditary Scottish thriftiness, I developed my skills in the kitchen.  I took some jobs in local eateries and did some careering.  I did courses whilst travelling in South East Asia, Turkey and Morocco and chatted to local cooks about their secrets.  Cooking became a passion and an approach to life.


A bit later, I began to work as a Adult Learning facilitator, firstly in technical training and then moving into Myers Briggs, Communication, Culture, Presentation Skills and Teambuilding.  This allowed me to engage my theatrical background, meshed with experience as a teacher into a new skill set.


It seemed natural to put the two together.


Since its inception, Team Cuisine has become an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to build a more cohesive team, reward their employees or as a staff get together.


If you come to one of our events, I guarantee you will not only have a good time, but you’ll also get something to take back to the office.  Food is a great leveler and it creates a forum for all of us to meet.  It’s no coincidence that most parties end up in the kitchen. This is the place we feel most at home, most relaxed. In our teambuilding events, we create a similarly fun and safe parallel work environment where participants are free to explore and experiment in ways they might not have thought of or dared in their regular roles.  Bonds are formed, relationships developed, insights made and previously unknown skills brought to light, all seemingly without effort as the participants focus on the food.


Cooking should be fun.  It should be freeing.  It should be challenging, but more like a game than a military procedure.  It should enrich the soul, tickle the imagination and dance with the taste buds.  Most of all though, it should bring people together.


Hope to see you soon!


Jamie Unicomb

Director, Team Cuisine

Our Clients


What our happy clients say about Team Cuisine:

  • "I really enjoyed seeing my team laughing and joking away from the stressful work environment for an afternoon and good food always seems to bring people together in a great way."
  • "It was a lot of fun, the food was great and we all were able to use our different skills. It was a great team building exercise."
  • "Team Cuisine made me look so good! I've received so many positive comments about the event and everyone had a great time. So many people have said it was the best team building experience they have ever attended!"

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