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Great “Off the Rack” crowd pleasers guaranteed to entice the taste buds whilst indulging in a little healthy competition along the way! All programs culminate in a shared banquet and run for 3 to 3 ½ hours unless otherwise stated.  We can tailor anything you see here or even combine two programs if that’s your fancy!


Around the World on a Plate

Each team is given a set of recipes based on a particular country’s cuisine and must engage their resources to compete for world domination! Fighting it out with woks, frying pans and kebab sticks, this is a war where the only casualty is hunger. Choose from Spanish, Indian, Lebanese/ Middle Eastern, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Moroccan, Turkish and Italian!


Mystery Box Challenge (Entre & main)

Each group is given a mystery box of market fresh ingredients.  Variety is the spice of life though, so each box is different.  Teams work together to strategize on their dishes, negotiating time, space and resources to create their culinary masterpieces.

Iberian Adventure (Spanish/ Tapas)

Create a selection of delicious dishes from the culinary melting pot of Europe. Each menu is carefully crafted from our tried and true recipes to give a range of tastes and textures that are sure to delight. This is a great choice for small groups because of the variety . A Sangria challenge is also available as an add-on to top off your meal with a little extra flair.

Aloy Thai

Take a peek inside the world of Thai cooking and learn what separates the yai from the noi.  As well as learning how to make curry pastes, entrées and salads, we can introduce you to a few northern Thai specialties that don’t often make it on to restaurant menus in Australia.

Yala! (Middle Eastern Banquet)

Explore a souk full of taste sensations in your own culinary oasis! Easier than building a pyramid and as delicious as dinner after Ramadan. For groups up to 14.

Grains from Spain (Paella challenge)

Teams compete to create the most delicious paella using a traditional recipe with tips and a demonstration from a seasoned (ha!) Paella Chef.  Choose to make either a Chicken & Chorizo, Vegetarian or Seafood version.  2 ½  hours

Pizza Party

Unlock the secrets of great pizza making in this fun workshop that combines a dough making master class with group directed challenges.  Choose from a selection of pizza varieties or come up with your own design. There’s even a super healthy option using a spelt flour dough and low GI toppings. 2½  hours

Want something extra or a bit of a tweak?


Check out some of these nifty variations!


Yes Chef! - add in a demonstration 

Turn up the heat! Need an extra challenge?  We can build in a few surprises to keep them on their toes

Fusion reactor - pick and mix a few programs together to get what you want

You are what you eat-  we select the recipes that are fresh, healthy and balanced for nutrition. Includes demonstrations and nutritional information 

Here’s One I Prepared Earlier - more of a traditional cooking class with demonstrations and follow along activities

Please Sir, can I have some more? - want a bit of extra time?  Maybe a lot of time? Want to have a meeting before, after or during? No problems!  We’ve got access to venues with AV gear, meeting rooms, the lot.

Something Spicy!  Need a dash of communication styles? Maybe a squeeze of Growth Mindset? We can even weave in work you've done on your team day into our event.  

Feed the masses - Invite your co-workers, friends or family members as guest and cook for them


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Team Cuisine is 100% tailor-made.

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